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Your lowest cost rural high speed ISP and cellular provider

Fiber broadband has evolved to deliver the fastest internet possible, and is used as the backbone of the internet service that we provide. Our last mile to the home is the wireless link. 


We were one of the first municipal wireless ISPs to deploy Wi-Fi outdoors to deliver affordable high speed internet service in Minnesota. Now we are one of the first to deploy affordable 4G/5G cellular high speed internet service to rural markets.


Wireline began with the telephone
copper lines into the homes. You
may remember the old dial-up
modem DSL days with 56Kbs speeds,
perhaps using AOL service. Gradually
that matured into faster and faster
speeds using thicker copper lines.

Pricing fixed wireless
Home Broadband: $39.99/mo +
one-time equipment charge of
$45.95 for 4G/5G modem and Wi-Fi
home router. Up to 100mb/s
download and 20mb/s upload
depending on distance to tower. 

Cell Phone Plan

Just bring your own smartphone and
port your old number. Or get a new
line with your old phone. Nothing
changes except the cellular plan and
pricing. You save every month on the
reduced monthly rate.