ethernet globeBasic  Internet $19.99/mo    

10Mbs download speed paired with 1Mbs upload speed for only $19.99 a month. The most economical internet service to fully enjoy all of your music and video downloads, browse through your favorite websites, and check your email, do web searches.






internetStandard Internet $24.99/mo

25Mbs download speed paired with 5Mbs upload speed for only $24.99 a month. For those of you who need your webpages loaded up a little bit quicker, this is the plan for you. Perhaps you upload pictures a lot and you need the extra boost to get it there with 10X the upload speed of Basic, or if you want to bundle other services this Standard Internet plan is required.

VoIP phone-ethernet

VoIP Phone $14.99/mo - Coming Soon Next Year!

Want a more affordable phone service? How about a Double-Play with Standard Internet and you only pay $34.99 a month for both Phone and Internet? Enjoy the freedom to call any phone in the US and Canada, with unlimited inbound and outbound calling, and all of the features of the large telephone company, but at a fraction of the cost.

aircamVideo Surveillance $12.99/mo - Ask Us

Did you think home video surveillance was only for the celebrity types because of the high costs? Well, advancements in technology have finally reached the rest of us for an affordable solution. Monitor your house to see who’s coming and going. Perhaps you run a daycare? What is your pet doing? It may not prevent a theft, but you may be able to prosecute the thief with video evidence.




IPTVPremium IPTV $19.99/mo - In Development

Enjoy all of the channels that you’d expect from the cable or satellite companies, without paying for all of the channels that you don’t watch. Pick your line up, and pay a fixed monthly fee. You choose the channels, and the price you want to pay. All the sports, movies, dramas, comedy, they’re all here at your click of the mouse.







Home-AlarmHome Alarm $10 - In Development

Have the ultimate crime prevention tool with a Home Alarm system installed in your house. If an unauthorized entry is detected, authorities are on their way. Turn your home into a winless proposition for a potential thief. Rest easy, knowing your house is protected.







Extra Bases

Over-the-air (OTA) TV for a one-time $83 fee for installation and equipment. All of the local HD channels that are currently broadcast over the air.

 If you want to cut the cord, and receive local TV without having to pay cable or satellite company, this is the service for you. 

      Webdrive $2.99/mo - In Development

cloud storageTired of lost files or pictures? Don’t know which device has the file you need? Why not subscribe to WebDrive and permanently store all of your files in one location, in the Cloud? For an additional $2.99 a month your critical files, precious photos, music or videos will never be lost again. Finally you have peace of mind at an affordable price.




Service Plans

Double-Play $34.99/mo - Coming Soon Next Year

With Standard Internet plan, pick any other service and pay no more than $34.99/mo.

Triple-Play $44.99/mo - Coming Soon Next Year

With Standard Internet plan, pick any two more services and save.

Home-Run $64.99/mo -In Development

Pick any three more services with Standard Internet plan and save. is a new Cloud Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) bringing High Speed Internet to all communities eventually.  We use the latest 4G wireless technologies available to date to deliver Internet into the home, using unlicensed radio spectrum, otherwise commonly known as Wi-Fi. We deploy our own Wi-Fi mesh radios in a redundant architecture to insure a robust network virtually capable of five nine network uptime (.99999), along with WPA2 encryption, it means the network is rock solid and secured with the latest wireless encryption technology. The 802.11n Wi-Fi technology has matured to the point where we can deliver whatever speeds the customer needs, even up to the ethernet cable transmission limit of 100Megabits per second. Once customers have a Standard Internet connection (25Mbs), we can add on other services such as VoIP telephone, WebDrive online storage, home video surveillance, IPTV. These add-on services will be rolled out starting late 2018 and early 2019. And as these services become available, customers will have the option of bundling any of these services together in a double-play or triple-play for discounted rates.