Broadband Internet is not a luxury. But a right. Just like water and electricity. And it should be affordable, too!

Basic Internet


Basic Internet $19.99/mo  10Mbs Download & 1Mbs Upload

Standard Internet

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Standard Internet $24.99/mo 25Mbs Download & 5Mbs Upload is a new Cloud Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) bringing High Speed Internet to communities throughout Ventura County, CA, and Carver County, MN. We use the latest 4G wireless technologies available to date to deliver Internet into the home, using unlicensed radio spectrum, otherwise commonly known, as Wi-Fi. We deploy our own Wi-Fi mesh radios in a redundant architecture to insure a robust network virtually capable of five nine network uptime (.99999), along with WPA2 encryption, it means the network is rock solid and secured with the latest wireless encryption technology. The 802.11n Wi-Fi technology has matured to the point where we can deliver whatever speeds the customer needs, even up to the ethernet cable transmission limit of 100Mbs. Once customers have a Standard Internet connection (25Mbs), we can add on other services such as VoIP telephone, WebDrive online storage, home video surveillance, IPTV. These add-on services will be rolled out starting late 2018. And as these services become available, customers will have the option of bundling any of these services together in a double-play or triple-play for discounted rates.



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   Video Surveillance

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         Home Alarm 

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