Broadband Internet is not a luxury. But a right. Just like water and electricity. And it should be affordable, too!

Basic Internet


Basic Internet $19.99/mo  10Mbs Download & 1Mbs Upload

Standard Internet

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Standard Internet $24.99/mo 25Mbs Download & 5Mbs Upload

Wi-Fi has now finally matured and is no longer just an indoor coffee shop solution. In 1985 when the FCC allocated 3 swaths of radio spectrum for unlicensed use from the ISM bands, 900Mhz, 2.4Ghz, and 5.8Ghz; it has now become the defacto wireless internet delivery medium. It is the fastest wireless delivery method currently available to the public at an affordable cost, in terms of equipment. With the relatively high cost of consumer internet service from DSL Telecoms and Cable companies, a viable wireless service provider capable of delivering comparable speeds is now here to provide a third leg of competition to the incumbent internet service provider industry. Ultimately we feel this is only the beginning, and wireless will overtake the wireline industry in terms of Internet speed and overall customer experience. That rat's nest of cables behind your TV has been given notice, wireless is fast approaching.



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